get rich or die frying

Tulsa’s no. 1 hit chicken house

Flavor in every mouthful

Nuggies start with a 24-hour dill pickle brine before being dredged through our delicious (and secret) house breading recipe, then double fried to perfection.

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Homemade & never frozen

Nuggies are 100% made from scratch. Not only do we use the highest quality chicken breasts available to us, but our Nuggs are 50% larger than those other guys.

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Crunch you can hear

Our Nuggies breading is designed to hold maximum sauce and deliver maximum crunch. Did we mention they're double fried for ultimate crispiness?

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Nuggies R&D Dept.

All recipes, from the Nuggies themselves to Sticky Icky Sauce to our fry seasoning, were each handcrafted in the spring of 2021 by a team of local backyard chefs. This company started in a back yard and has been focused on made-from-scratch since Day One.

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