The only NFT you’ll ever need

Launching early 2023

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What the cluck is an NFT?

No, it’s not “Nuggies For Tulsa.” Unlike a lot of NFTs, our Non-Fungible Token (it’s not as gross as it sounds) doesn’t just sit in a virtual wallet. We’re offering an exclusive membership to the Nugg Club, a utility NFT with a $1+ MILLION valuation.

This asset lives on the Ethereum blockchain (cryptocurrency babyyy) where Nugg Club members are the sole owners (publicly proven on a digital ledger) of their NFT, giving them the ability to sell whenever they want.

2,000 years of chicken for one low price of $650

$1,040,000 of chicken nuggets to secure your family’s future

Generational Chicken

Becoming a Nugg Club member is so much more than chicken nuggets. It’s an investment in generational chicken.

$10/week to any Nuggies location for 2,000 years


Binge eat the night away at our annual chicken celebration

2 tickets, free food & booze for our 21+ NFT holders

Welltown VIP Access

Big events are kinda Welltown’s thing. With Boulder Dash, Sip N’ Slide, Oktoberfest and Dark Mode, you’ll have ~exclusive~ access to the event of your choosing

2 VIP tickets annually

Tulsa Partners

We’re working with several Tulsa partners to get you the most bang for you buck.

Surprise IRL benefits such as event tickets, hotel stays, etc.

The Deets

  • Project Size: 50 NFTs
  • Mint Price: $650 (at current Ethereum price)
  • Expiration: 2,000 years
  • Valuation: $1,040,000 of chicken nuggets
  • Utility: $10/week to all Nuggies locations
  • Breakeven Point: 1 year

But how does it work?

We made it so easy, a rooster could do it

Using Apple Wallet, our team has developed propriety software that sends a scannable gift card right to your phone. The card is reset every week with $10 to use at Nuggies. This NFT pays for itself in fewer than one year. Magical.

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